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The Kansas City Star Surveyed Inmates in 12 States Who Were Formerly in Foster Care and Found Long-Term Outcomes are Disturbing

In December 2019, The Kansas City Star published the results of a survey of inmates in 12 states who were formerly in foster care. The investigation resulted in a series of six stories and nine videos describing the stark outcomes for children in foster care. The newspaper contacted every state asking for participation in the survey. Twelve states agreed and distributed the one-page questionnaires to inmates. The year-long investigation also took a comprehensive look at long-term outcomes for children who age out of the foster care system. It revealed the trauma that children suffer going into foster care and the need for trauma-informed services. Also interviewed were social workers, child welfare experts and advocates, law enforcement, judges, foster parents, doctors, scientists, and lawyers. The Star team also reviewed decades of class action suits against states and child welfare budget statistics. The stories are available here. The videos are available here.


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