Volunteer for the Pro Bono Network

The Pro Bono Network provides a way to connect volunteer attorneys with attorneys in child abuse or neglect cases who:

  • need input on other areas of law for secondary issues arising in a child abuse or neglect case;
  • need co-counsel in representing a child or youth growing up in foster care (PMC of State);  Learn More
  • need assistance in handling a child abuse or neglect case;
  • wish to refer parties needing pro bono legal services to volunteer attorneys.

The Pro Bono Network also provides a way for judges to locate attorneys willing to represent foster children who do not have any representation. Learn More

Additionally, the Pro Bono Network provides a way for collaborative law professionals to locate Texas attorneys who are willing to provide pro bono representation to parties in CPS collaborative law matters in Texas. Learn More & Required Form

For example, can you:

  • answer an attorney's practice questions by email or phone?
  • mentor an attorney in trial skills, trial preparation, or discovery?
  • help a parent or relative protect a child from abuse?
  • meet with a child growing up in foster care?
  • set up a trust for a disabled child?
  • help an attorney with research?
  • take a probate matter?
  • represent a relative who can provide a safe home?
  • assist a parent or relative with an immigration issue?
  • handle an adoption or intervention?
  • assist a parent with a protective order?
  • assist a parent with a custody or divorce case?
  • share knowledge with an attorney regarding immigration issues or the Indian Child Welfare Act?
  • represent a child growing up in foster care who has no advocate?
  • handle a child's personal injury claim?
  • participate in a CPS collaborative case (if you are collaboratively trained)? Learn More & Required Form
  • provide other assistance in your area(s) of expertise?

Volunteer for the pro bono network:

If you are willing to volunteer your time to help abused and neglected children by providing pro bono legal services, please register for the Pro Bono Network. Your contact information and areas of practice will be posted on the private Pro Bono Network attorney list (which can only be viewed by Texas judges, attorneys, and collaborative law professionals registered for TLC's services) so they can contact you directly. To volunteer, you must be a licensed attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Texas. Simply fill out the form below, checking all areas of assistance and levels of involvement that apply.

Please note: TLC does not provide malpractice insurance for any attorney. Only TYLA members will be covered by TYLA's malpractice insurance.

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Hurricane Help - Assist with a Case Education Advocate (Tarrant County Only)
Hurricane Help - Clothing Immigration Law
Hurricane Help - Electronic
Indian Child Welfare Act
Hurricane Help - Housing Kinship Assistance
Hurricane Help - Office Space Kinship Placements
Hurricane Help - Visit a Relocated
Legislative Advocacy
Trial Skills Mediation - CPS Cases
Trial Preparation Mediation - Non-CPS
Discovery Paralegals - Conduct Legal Research
Adoption Paralegals - Discovery/Hearing/Trial Preparation
Appellate Law Paralegals - Document Procurement or Preparation
Collaborative Law - CPS Cases
         Learn More & Required Form
Personal Injury
Collaborative Law - Non-CPS Probate Law
CPS Cases Protective Orders
Custody Disputes SSI Benefits
Disability Issues Translation - Spanish
Divorce Youth in PMC of State - Assist
         Learn More
Education Advocate (Dallas County Only)
         Learn More
Youth in PMC of State - Lead
         Learn More
  Levels of Involvement   * (Check all that apply.)
Hurricane Help
Answer a question by email or phone
Mentor another attorney
Help with research
Assist another attorney with a case
Take a case
  Preferred Method for Initial Contact
Parties may contact me directly.
I prefer to be contacted first by judges, attorneys, or collaborative law professionals only. (This will be the only method of contact for Hurricane Help.)
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If you would like to be removed from the Pro Bono Network, email TLC with your request.