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National Coalition Calls Attention to Strategies to End Child Abuse Deaths

On December 14, 2010, the National Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths held a news conference to bring attention to the lack of national media coverage of child abuse deaths. Deaths of children from abuse and neglect outnumber deaths that receive much more national coverage, such as deaths from the H1N1 virus, Toyota automobile malfunctions, food-borne illnesses, military incidents in Iraq and Afghanistan, and coal mining. The coalition outlined seven initiatives to end child abuse deaths, including: developing a governmental strategy aimed at strengthening families and preventing maltreatment, additional spending to lower caseloads and increase training of caseworkers, requiring states to adopt national standards for protecting children, revising confidentiality laws, starting a public education campaign on reporting abuse, and creating a protocol for coordinating legal proceedings between child protection and law enforcement agencies. The coalition consists of the National Association of Social Workers, National Center for Child Death Review, National Children's Alliance, Every Child Matters Education Fund, and National District Attorneys Association. To view the Coalition's recommendations, click here.


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