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Court monitors in the federal class action suit on behalf of foster children file their third report

On January 10, 2022, the court monitors in M.D. ex rel Stukenberg v. Abbott, a class action suit on behalf of children in the permanent managing conservatorship of the department, filed their third report. The monitors, Deborah Fowler and Kevin Ryan, were charged by Hon. Janis Jack of the Southern District of Texas federal court with reporting on the department's compliance with remedial measures to reduce the risk of harm to these children, as ordered by the court. The 134-page report points out areas in which the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services complied with the remedial orders and areas in which it did not. The monitors examined documents and data files and conducted interviews on case records, investigations, fatalities, medical records, restraint logs, videos, witnesses, referrals to intake, policies, resources, human resources, and training records. The report includes demographic statistics. To read the report, click here.


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