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"The TLC resource does more than improve the court system's handling of cases. It enhances a judge's ability to handle cases more efficiently and expeditiously, and it enhances an attorney's ability to advocate for appropriate services for their client. It is truly an invaluable tool."
 - Tina Amberboy
Executive Director, Texas Supreme Court Permanent Judicial Commission for Children, Youth and Families
"Fantastic site! This is a resource for family and juvenile law that you won't believe."
 - Hon. Guilford L. "Gil" Jones
District Judge, 33rd Judicial District Court of Texas
"This website gives every lawyer who plays a role in a children protection case free access to an important research tool that will help them do the best job possible."
 - Sandra Hachem
Co-Vice Chair, Texas State Bar Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect
"It's a powerful tool for cases involving children."
 - John J. Sampson
Co-Author, Sampson & Tindall, Texas Family Code Annotated
Professor, University of Texas School of Law
"TLC has created the eighth wonder of the world!"
 - Ken Fuller
Partner, Koons, Fuller, Vanden Eykel & Robertson, P.C.
"I found in minutes what could have taken hours. It's an enormously valuable asset!"
 - Shane Phelps
Asst. District Attorney, Brazos County, Texas
"I wish every state could have such a comprehensive resource."
 - Howard Davidson
Director, ABA Center on Children and the Law